1 ELECTION TIME! Student, that is. All the candidates for executive, board of directors, and senate positions for the University of Regina Students’ Union were announced yesterday. The list of candidates hasn’t been posted yet – “very shortly” is a relative term, I guess – but you can keep checking back at URSU’s website for updates. From what I’ve heard, 49 candidates have been nominated overall, a far cry from last year. Voting comes up in a little under two weeks.

2 AS IF HE NEEDED ANY MORE REASON TO BE TERRIBLE Stuff like all this inappropriate spending by Toronto’s social-housing agency is just a conspiracy seed for a guy like Mayor Rob Ford – it’ll justify his crazy opinions on groups like this for years to come.

3 STALKER ALLOWED BACK IN Gerald Klein, the man who was legally banned from Regina after stalking a woman for three decades, has had that general banishment overturned. There’s a still a big area of the city he can’t enter; for instance, we won’t be seeing him at the prairie dog offices anytime soon, if he’s following the judge’s instructions.

4 IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LEAVE Obama marches that and other hits out while talking to U.S. governors on health care.

5 LIBYAN OIL WILL BE ALL RIGHT The rebels say so! (For some well-done background on the economic situation of Libya, NPR’s Planet Money did a fantastic report on it.)

6 NO DANCING, MORE WRITING Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell is going to keep writing a book no one will ever read – and that might not even get published – instead of going on Dancing with the Stars.

BONUS Looking for some insight into Conan’s process? Here you go:

I found that on MaximumFun.Org, where it had been posted by Jesse Thorn. Thorn’s the host of public radio interview program The Sound of Young America and comedy podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! Maximum Fun is having their annual fund-raising drive right now, which benefits not just his shows but other great podcasts like Judge John Hodgman, comedy advice show My Brother, My Brother and Me, and the great Canadian podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself. Have a listen, and consider donating.