As you can tell from the accompanying photo, this Calgary-based pop band features a whole flock of musicians. Fortunately, as far as venues go, the Exchange has a pretty big stage. So there shouldn’t be too much trouble accommodating the band for tomorrow night’s gig.

The only problem that could crop up is if members of the back-up bands The Mountains & the Trees and The Phonemes were invited on stage at some point to help out with a song. Then things could really get crowded.

As I noted in a 14 Days Top Six blurb on this show in our March 24 issue, I have to attend a press conference tomorrow. I don’t have many details yet, but it seems that some big-shot, in the midst of all the federal election frenzy, is going to announce their candidacy for mayor in the 2012 Regina municipal election. Once I attend the press conference and do up a blog post on what went down I’ll be free to check this show out.   

To give you a taste, here’s video of Woodpigeon performing their song “Knock Knock”.