Hooray! It’s new prairie dog day! And look! It’s Katie again! Remember two weeks ago? She was our “new ‘dog” model last time, too! And now she’s back!

Why? Because she insisted! here’s how it all went down:

“Can I do that again?” Katie asked this morning when I picked up my coffee from Atlantis Coffee, where she is the awesome barista. “I have a great hat I can wear!

“And I could stand in front of the John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria Park! That part is Carl’s idea,” she said, referring to her co-worker Carl.

“Ooh, I will look so chic!” she said.

“Okay! Okay!” I said.

You can’t say no to Katie. She is a typhoon of smiles and perpetual excitement. No one can resist Hurricane Katie.

So what’s in this issue? Well!

REGINA’S DEAD STADIUM SADNESS Stephen LaRose writes the eulogy for Regina’s doomed dome dreams. Katie can’t wait to read that interesting-looking story but right now she ‘s a little distracted: “This chapeau is so cute!” she says. “It was a Christmas present! And by that I mean I picked it out and said ‘buy me that!'”

THE RETURN OF CRAIG LEDERHOUSE This escaped Vancouver CBC radio guy bolted for his Prairie homeland and Afternoon Edition-hosting glory. Vanda Schmockel interviews him. Katie will read that later. “When I smile with all my teeth, my gums dry out!” says Katie as awesome photographer Darrol Hofmeister takes about the 15th photo with my camera because his was at home. “Your camera is stupid, Steve,” adds Darrol.

GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE A distinctly pale-complexioned Regina citizen’s group has plenty of reasons that have nothing at all to do with racism for not wanting a First Nations affordable housing project anywhere near them. Katie might not read that story because it could make her sad. She’s not even going to think about it. “I love my hat!” says Katie.

PLUS OTHER THINGS: Gwynne Dyer on Pakistan, David Suzuki on science-bashing, a review of the movie Rango, a bunch of CD reviews, another witty comedy column by Dan MacRae, a look at the Wisconsin government’s labour-bashing shenanigans, a preview of the dance spectacular Heaven and numerous additional amusing bits and stuff.

And seriously, look at that hat. What a great hat. “I look so cute in this hat!” says Katie. She does! Even the statue of John A. Macdonald likes Katie’s hat!

We can only hope that this new issue of prairie dog is half as cute as Katie and her hat.

NEXT ISSUE: Katie wears something else. What will it be?  “I also have a fur pelt in my back seat!” she says.

Look out, Regina!