They’ve been going on in other cities for some time now. But this will mark only the third annual in Regina. Still, it’s to Regina’s credit that there are people living here with enough gumption to organize an event like this. Throughout the world in 2010 only 68 cities hosted Jane’s Walks. And Regina was one of them.

Named after the late urban theorist Jane Jacobs, who championed human-scale neighbourhoods in the wake of the post-WWII car-dependent suburban boom, the walks are designed to allow people to familiarize themselves with the unique history and architecture of different areas of their city (the above photo is from a walk last year that centred on downtown Regina).

It was announced today that the 2011 Regina Jane’s Walk will be held May 7-8. What organizers are looking for now is people with ideas on tours that they would like to host or who are otherwise willing to volunteer to help ensure the continued success of the event.

If you’re able to participate you can contact Laura at