… make it this one.

Friendly Carillon editor-in-chief John Cameron went down to the Owl, the University of Regina’s student bar, as soon as it was announced that Canada was heading into a federal election. There, he interviewed some of the drunkest Keg-O-Rama participants he could find, with great results.

Look at this exchange, for example, which should help explain things to a certain perplexed Global reporter:

TC: What are you dressed as today?
Simon K.: Robosexual.
TC: Robosexual, okay. So the Canadian government was found in contempt – the Conservatives were found in contempt of Parliament, a non-confidence motion was [put forward] and the government was dissolved. We’re going to an election next month. What do you think about that?
SK: I hate things that dissolve.
TC: What?
SK: I hate things that dissolve.
TC: Okay.
SK: So I think the new government will be way better.

Read the whole thing here.