Okay, I’m 47, married, a father and male. When I make the occasional pit stop at O’Hanlons, and I see women in their 30s, or when I’m watching movies or television shows with strong female roles, I’m a little creeped out – certainly not by the women, but by me. There’s a voice that’s going off in the back of my head … “I’m old enough to be their dad! Am I too old for this?”

It’s not news that people have a sex drive – or at least still want to feel sexually desirable by somebody – into their old age. And as everything from the manufacture of Viagra to the popularity of the MILF porn genre demonstrates, people will go to great lengths to satisfy that urge.

But it’s kind of icky when it’s an older man and a much younger woman get together. And it’s really icky, when she’s a 22-year-old high-end hooker, and he’s 66, married, and is one of Stephen Harper’s top advisors. And that she’s now employed by a water company that he’s lobbying for. (Toronto Star)

The REAL ‘ick’ factor for me, however, is that, while both are over the age of consent in this case, this guy is in the throes of a major mid-life crisis (and, 20 years ago, did some stuff that got him disbarred in Alberta). And yet, when you read this Halifax Chronicle-Herald story, it’s as though we’re supposed to sympathize with him. Why? It was obvious to anyone with a brain that this guy had no business being trusted by anyone. Not Harper, not this guy’s wife, and not the Law Society of Alberta.

Stephen Harper’s government is as corrupt as anything seen in the Chrétien days and as stupid, in its own way, as anything seen in the last days of Paul Martin. And the national media – apart from APTN and the Toronto Star – worships the guy. Woe Canada.