Hilary Clinton pretty much has blown off a future presidential election bid by blasting the United States media, (Huffington Post) but, frankly, it’s nothing lesser people such as myself have been saying (prairie dog). Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera English home page) has made its journalistic bones — in a mass way in North America at least — thanks to its excellent coverage of the revolts in the Middle East. It’s a pity,

Probably the most accurate commenter on this issue comes from an anonymous commenter on one of my favorite blogs, Deus Ex Malcontent. Nothing’s going to change until Rupert Murdoch finds out he can make more money by telling about what’s actually going on in the world, rather than making up stories about what he wants to see happening in the world and trying to pass that off as news. The sad thing is that, unlike the governments in my favorite non-Connery James Bond Movie, Tomorrow Never Dies, (IMDb) they’re not sending 007 after Rupert Murdoch — instead, western governments are sucking up to him as he’s destroying their governments. Where’s Pierce Brosnan when you need him?