According to the Leader-Post, Ward 3 Regina City Councillor Fred Clipsham wants the NDP nomination in Regina Qu’appelle. Behold:

In a statement Wednesday, Clipsham said he’s running because a “strong, compassionate voice” is needed in Ottawa. “My focus will be to engage people on issues such as housing, health care and building sustainable futures for our urban, rural and First Nation communities,” he said.

For reasons unknown — our reputation as a staunch Tory paper, perhaps? — Clipsham appears to not have contacted us with this news. “I heard some rumours,” says prairie dog City Hall writer Paul Dechene, who lives in Clipsham’s Ward, “but I’d hoped Fred might give us an exclusive.” Alas it was not to be.

Prairie dog editor Stephen Whitworth generally doesn’t endorse politicians or parties but is said to be “really fucking stoked” that someone with “mad politics skillz” is running against Tory MP Andrew Scheer. “The federal Conservatives have proven again and again that they’re a pack of slimy, scheming weasels,” said Whitworth. “And they’re idiots. They’re wrong about everything — climate change, women’s issues, immigration, crime and drug policy, urban issues, gay rights, the arts, poverty, ¬†you name it. And these math-challenged rats can’t even balance a budget.

“Out with them! Go Fred!” he was quoted as saying.

According to the L-P, the nomination meeting will be March 9.