Special “the editor has a cold and is wiped and took most of the day off, so I’m just doing this now” edition–sorry for the delay. It’s not like anything happened anyway…

1 WE GOTS US AN ELECTION  Here’s the CBC, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Washington Post, er well the Associated Press in the Post anyway,  and the BBC. The government fell after a non-confidence vote that came out of parliament finding the government in contempt of Parliament. So. I think our readers have some slight idea of our thoughts on the federal Conservatives, i.e. the Republican Party of Canada. I have a question: any thoughts on how you’d like us to cover the election? Suggestions? Requests? We have lots of ideas but I’m interested in feedback before we get started. Any preferences on tone? Funny? Savage? Even-tempered? Scratch that, we can’t do the last one. But is there anything relating to the election you’d like to see in the next couple of issues?

2 LIBYA, SYRIA, JAPAN AND WISCONSIN Read about it here, here, here and here.

3 HAVE YOU BEEN FOLLOWING THIS IRONIC STORY ABOUT AN UNDERSTAFFED CONTROL TOWER AT REAGAN AIRPORT AND THE PILOTS WHO HAD TO LAND PLANES WITHOUT TOWER ASSISTANCE? Update here and why this is ironic here. Anti-union types either don’t understand things like this or maliciously ignore them. Boo anti-union types.

4 DOG SMASHES THROUGH A WINDOW TO ATTACK A LETTER CARRIER Holy crap, little overprotective there little dude!