1 CAMPAIGNING UNDERWAY But you folks already knew that, right? That you’re going to have to vote in another election real soon? Jack Layton even visited today to remind you all. Best note from that event: Patrick Book caught a “Born in the U.S.A”-style mistake. (Ralph’s back in town, too.)

2 NOW THAT’S A COMMITMENT TO EDUCATION Ontario is talking big game, with their finance minister saying today they’re going make “60,000 new spots for post-secondary students over the next five years.” Compare and contrast with this.

3 K’NAAN CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP WRITING SONGS This CTV piece makes it sound like he’s just working really hard; the title, “K’naan says he’s working on a new album all the time,” fires up my imagination. While he’s ordering at Subway? While he’s watching TMZ? The lede only makes me even more excited: “K’naan says he’s working on a new album all the time – even when he’s catching 40 winks.” If K’naan were put under while at the dentist’s office, would he come out with some well-done fillings and a fresh verse? What can stop K’naan?

(In other news, I can’t stop, won’t stop using this as a model for various Dog Blog titles.)

4 HIRE A KNIGHT TO FIX YOUR REPUTATION He won’t do anything, really, but let you post on his website for a grand year, so that you can clarify that you don’t hate black people or that you aren’t on Twitter. I don’t see the point, but of course, no one is spreading rumours that I hate Catholics, as far as I know.