techyum is normally a great blog, but talk about alarmist: they might be half-joking, but this post where they posit that Facebook is declaring war on the paragraph is a bit much.

The solution to their problem? Shift+Enter. Then, you too can have separate paragraphs in your Facebook comments, like I do at left. There – you’re set.

The real issue at the heart of the piece is how the social networking site is effecting the language:

Is the Facebook-enforced Death of the Paragraph, like the reduction of all our thoughts to 140-character soundbites, another attempt to edit human endeavor for brevity’s sake?

Maybe Facebook wants you to post more comments quicker, without thinking of what you’re throwing up. That’s your choice, and I’m willing to accept that. Plus, Facebook fixes it when someone double-spaces after a period, so it all balances out in the end. I even tried to double-space between two sentences in my comment on Stephen’s page, but Facebook said “Hell no” to that antiquated B.S.

(Side note: you haven’t got long to vote in the prairie dog‘s Best of Food poll. Get to it.)