Activate  stomachs and set your phasers to “eat!” The 2011 prairie dog Best Of Food poll is now open for your reading, pondering and voting pleasure. Just hit the icon at the top of this web page or click here and you’ll be immediately transported to the virtual polling station where you can pick your favourite restaurants, menu items, food industry people and more! You don’t even have to finish voting right away — the robots  running our survey will remember your picks, so if you want to go have a peek, maybe cast a few votes, then go away and eat at some restaurants, then come back and cast more votes (or even change your votes!), you can. I KNOW! It’s UNBELIEVABLE! Aren’t computers amazing? Remember in 1987 when we didn’t have any of this Internet stuff? That sure sucked a truckfull of Tandys. Don’t give me any lip, you Tandy nostalgists — you know it’s true.

Also, there’s something like $1200.00 worth of prizes waiting to be nabbed by some lucky entrants. We’re expecting a couple of thousand ballots or so, so your odds of winning are pretty durn-diddly good. That’s right I said “durn-diddly”, deal with it! For $1200.00 in prizes you can TOTALLY deal with it!

Yeah! Best of Food 2011! Head on over, cast your votes and if you see any robots, don’t feed ’em toast! Whatever you do!