Hey, remember last week when I posted this?

Dog blog readers had the opportunity to comment for a chance to win this delightful original Sharpie-on-Xerox-paper work of art. The winner would also receive an official Certificate of Authenticity. Pretty sweet, right? Yes, that’s right.

Thank you to the contestants, all of whom contributed funny and clever comments with their own special quality of winningness. Except for Cam, who said that real dragons have four legs. Cam, if you were a master of dragon legends like me, you’d know that two of those legs are vestigial? Gary Gygax deliberately withheld that detail from the Monster Manual, but other books of eldritch lore tell the true tale. Huzzah.

Oh, and as for you commenters who tried to tell me that the top of that volcano was a cinder cone and not a caldera? I should have clarified that it was a particularly ambitious caldera, vying for its little piece of dignity in the clouds. Your negativity nearly made it collapse all over again.

It was a tough decision, but in the end there can be only one winner. Because there’s only one picture. And that winner is… Adam P. Knave, for his exciting interpretation of “Dragon Don’t Fight That Volcano No More”.

I remember one time when Volcano and Dragon fought. That was a dark time, indeed. Treeline got into it and was all “Hey, why you no play nice?” and then Moon told them all to shut up, which just made Dragon mad. So Dragon curse at Moon, who tell on him to Unicorn. Volcano hated Unicorn though, and smothered Unicorn in lava. Unicorn die. So Dragon go “Hey I did no like him either. We should be friends” but Volcano laugh and said “I no like you either. Friends? Ha! I get you too, Dragon!” and they fight and fight until, one night, Dragon go sleep. And moon come down and trap Dragon between Moon and Treeline and be all “You no fight! Fight bad!” and Dragon called Treeline bad names and escape and fight more. So then they fight until no more cupcake. They had cupcake, did I mention cupcake? they had. But then no more!

It was terrible.

Also: no more cupcake!

Adam P. Knave is an author and cartoonist from New York City. His irreverent and occasionally Kirby-obsessed weblog is a cavalcade of funny stuff.

When reached for comment, Adam said “WOOHOO! I AM a winner!”

I couldn’t agree more. So I’ll agree the same.