We’re less than two hours from spring’s arrival and it’s been snowing all day. Please indulge me while I anthropomorphize a season:

I just think it’s really sad that Winter feels it needs to make a big show on its last day. Do you really think you’re fooling anyone, Winter? You’re done at 5:21 p.m. Finished. Kaput. But here you are, blowing snow around in a tragic and embarrassing “look at me! Look at me!” display of insecurity.

Look Winter, we get it. You like it here. But everybody’s sick of you. You have to leave. But no. Instead of showing a little class, you act like the annoying roommate who leaves a mess everywhere–all this snow that Spring’s going to have to clean up.

You suck, Winter. Scram!

P.S.: It was shitty of you to cloud things up so no one could see Supermoon last night. Jerk.