Dear Internets,

You know I haven’t really been paying attention to music lately. And by “lately,” we’re talking since before Beta Band broke up. So I’m not exactly hep to what the kids are listening to these days and that means I rely on you, Internets, to alert me to all the formidable new music out there.

If you don’t throw it in my face during the course of my random web browsing, I’m not going to find it.

And, you know, many thanks for tipping me to Warpaint, Die Antwoord and Janelle Monae.

(But I could have done with a whole lot less Robyn. Seriously, Internets. Robyn? WTF?)

But then I find out just by accident, that you’ve totally been holding out on me. Goddamn Internets, you could have mentioned Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip a little sooner. Apparently, they’ve been around for years and, what, you thought I wouldn’t like this?

I thought we were close, Internets.

“Well, they’re a little didactic, don’t you think?”

Oh, come on Internets. I survived the 80s. I love didactic hip hop.

These guys are like the Alexander Pope of hip hop. (Well, they would be if that job wasn’t already taken by Chuck D.)