Warning: hyperbolic rhetoric

(This post has been updated since publication to have more bad words in it.)

Okay. Read this paragraph from today’s Globe And Mail:

A Conservative cabinet minister risks being found in contempt of Parliament over accusations she lied to MPs and doctored a document to hide the fact that she was overruling her department.

Uh, wow. That is one powerful paragraph. Read it again and let it sink in.

The story: The Canadian International Development Agency recommended the government fund the aid group Kairos. The government decided not to fund Kairos. Fair enough. The government has the right to reject its civil service’s recommendations.

The government and its ministers do NOT, however, have the privilege of ignoring their civil servant’s advice and then altering documents to make it look like that advice was the opposite of what it was. That is what we in the business of journalism call being full of fucking shit.

Another excerpt from the Globe’s story:

Critics say it’s another example of the Harper government attempting to keep important information secret, contrary to past promises. In 2006, the Conservatives campaigned on a pledge to increase openness and transparency in government. The Kairos case also carries similarities to the government’s battle last year to cancel the long-form census, in which the head of Statistics Canada ultimately resigned after Industry Minister Tony Clement suggested the public servant supported the minister’s decision.

Yeah. It’s past time to say it: it is no longer possible for any informed, intelligent person of sound mind to vote for a Conservative candidate as the party is currently constructed. Voting Conservative automatically indicates the voter is either uninformed (which this paper’s staff and writers will work harder to help correct), or  a demented ideologue and possible sociopath.

And that’s it. I have had it. I have had it with these motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking government. This is probably the most despicable government our country has ever had — and they only have a minority. The Conservatives suppress science, sabotage public policy, screwed working parents, won’t talk to the press, are ridiculously homophobic (though not necessarily straight about it), have a collective boner for military spending and are worrisomely influenced by religious extremists. In fact, some of them believe the factually not-truth stupid notion that the earth is 6,000 years old — a belief that not only should disqualify an individual from being taken seriously in intelligent conversation (let alone in public office!!!) but should by law require retroactive invalidation of that individual’s high school diploma.

And that’s only scratching the surface. Check out this list of what’s wrong with the Conservatives. It’s a good start.

Keep in mind this behaviour is from a political party that a minority of Canadians — only 37.6 of voters in 2008 — support. The harm this awful, awful, awful gang of evil dipshits could do to Canada with a majority is incomprehensible. They’re out of control. They’re dangerous to our beautiful country. It’s time they were voted out.

And I say that as a guy who despised the Liberals for most of the 90s. This crowd is worse.

Henceforth, expect maximum wrath on this blog and in the paper. It’s on, baby. It’s on like Donkey Kong.