With all that’s going on in the Middle East right, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Israel has decided to jump on the zombie movie bandwagon. Israel isn’t known for making too many genre movies so this could be interesting. Another World arrives later this year. From the Jerusalem Post:

“I made this film for the international market,” says Reuven. “They [Israel Film Fund] don’t want to invest in films that couldn’t represent Israel at Cannes,” says Reuven. “Most of the filmmakers here don’t make a living from their movies, they all have other jobs. In the rest of the world, movies are made to make money, not to win prizes at festivals… I wanted to make a tense, exciting film with a threatening atmosphere,” he says.

It looks promising but the trailer doesn’t actually show any zombies.

Over in Europe, Dutch filmmaker Richard Raaphorst is trying to get funding for another of his mad ideas. Somehow I missed this when it first came out but Raaphorst was trying to get funding for a movie called Worst Case Scenario back in 2006. To do this, he made a couple of short teaser trailers to entice investors. The trailers apparently created huge buzz but I never saw them at the time. Worst Case Scenario was to be about Nazi zombies but after a couple of years of trying get the money to make it, Raaphorst gave up and the film was finally put to rest. Too bad.

Raaphorst’s latest film project is entitled Frankenstein’s Army. Again with the Nazis but with a Frankenstein twist. Hopefully he gets the money to make the movie this time.