These things have been running late all week no matter who does them. Boooo us! Let’s see if one can actually be up and posted by 9:30. Here we go!

1 CHEESED OFF Wisconsin is in turmoil! Turmoil I say! The state Repubicans (“Steve you missed the ‘L’!” “Oh no I didn’t.”) are using the economic crunch as an excuse to bash the hell out of unions. The state Democrats said “screw this noise, we’re off to Illinois” and left town. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has strong words for this assault on unions: “Seems like an assault on unions,” he said. More here.

2 SNEAKY PEEKERS! The Sinister Foreign Elements that cracked Canadian computers might have been after weapon technology! Or resource policy details! Or porn! Probably not! But gadzooks!

3 A HEARTBREAKING CLASH OF LOYALTY A Regina man having a seizure is glad police helped him but sad they shot his loyal dog. So sad.

4 ROTTEN PROTESTERS RUIN WHALING FOR EVERYBODY, SAYS JAPAN Whoops did I say whaling? I meant “science”. Japan kills whales for science, people! And then they eat them because science is hungry work.

5 FACEBOOK ADDS CIVILITY You can now set your ┬áromantic status to “civil union” or “domestic partnership”, which I guess is good news for same-sex couples in parts of the U.S. who want their second-rate, asterisked marriage-like-but-not-actually-marriage institution recognized on the interwebs. Just legalize it, America.

6 AND ON IT GOES IN THE MIDDLE EAST Pro-democracy protesters got the crap shot out of them in Bahrain.

9:39. Not bad I guess. Here, have a cat.