1 ARGENTINA’S ABORTION PROBLEM Despite a ban on most abortions, 500,000 still happen unofficially annually in Argentina. Their congress is going to take another look at the issue.

2 POLICE CHIEF UNFUNNY What this Victoria police chief said this time – for which he was censured by the Victoria Police Board – was just painful to read. The 2006 incident listed in the story, involving a bullet-riddled shooting range target, just seems sinister.

3 SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION Some are touting the protest possibilities allowed by Facebook. Facebook just wants everyone to sign up with a real name so they’ll know who to send the Farmville bill to.

4 CURVEBALL WAS ACTUALLY A FOUL A defector who provided some of the information that was used to justify the U.S. war in Iraq now admits that he lied.

5 GUY RITCHIE GETS NEW ROOMMATES A group of squatters have taken over a home owned by the British film director. Contractors working on the home claim that they had been working on it as late as this past Friday. Maybe the squatters figured that this would be something Richie would leave unfinished, like RockNRolla.

6 GETTING SICK AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION When you have a story about a mass illness at the Playboy Mansion, paragraphs like this take on so much more meaning:

The Times said many suspected their symptoms were linked to legionellosis, or Pontiac fever, a milder form of Legionnaires’ disease. The ailment is usually caused by bacteria that grow in warm water and spawn in hot tubs or air conditioning systems.

The Leader-Post wisely disabled comments on the post; we don’t need to see the flood of a million easy jokes that this inspires.