1 SO COLD So, so cold.

2 CREDIT UNION ALLEGATIONS CONTINUE Yesterday, a citizen’s group that opposed the proposed merger says its hands are clean.

3 EGYPT UNREST ALSO CONTINUES And in this interesting New York Times article, you can see how much their state-controlled T.V. network is disconnected from reality.

Did anyone watch any of the CNN coverage of this, by the way? For the hour or so that I had it on in the background, they couldn’t get off the question of “Could the U.S. government shut down our Internet, too?” The answer was yes, thus fueling the director of Zeitgeist, the Movie for another year.

4 YANN MARTEL WILL BE A LITTLE BIT MORE BEARABLE The author behind Life of Pi and Beatrice and Virgil, recently released in paperback, has stopped sending Prime Minister Stephen Harper a book a month. The project has been going on for four years. Some of the letters he included with his selections were collected in What Is Stephen Harper Reading?, a frustratingly condescending book that assumes it never occurred to Harper to read Animal Farm. I love fiction and I’m no big Harper fan, but that’s no excuse for Martel to unleash his masturbatory talking-down not only on the PM but on the whole country.

5 SUPERBOWL COMING SOON And then, there might be a work stoppage in the NFL, though not before a whole lot of prostitution goes down. (Second item via Gawker.)

6 JAPANESE VOLCANO GOING OFF Shinmoedake, a volcano in the south-west of Japan, has erupted. And this just a day or so after I watched an episode of Batman: The Animated Series where the Dark Knight battles someone next to a Japanese volcano. Eerie.

BONUS Yet another dog super power confirmed; I want to die by Texas overeating; the Guardian UK lets you know what kids with gay parents should call them; and Harvey Weinstein gets a little bit more eccentric.