1 JOCKDOM JERKS The Washington Redskins have a long and ugly history – from an out-and-out racist name to a racist owner who had to be bullied into signing black players in 1962 by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and U.S. Attorney-General Robert F. Kennedy, from a drunk fullback who heckled a Supreme Court of the U.S.A chief justice during a state dinner, to … the current owner, Dan Snyder. There’s an alt-weekly in Washington that did a very, very, VERY good expose of how Snyder runs his business (Washington City Newspaper) and Snyder is oh-so-scared of the meanie who said bad things about him (Washington City Newspaper). For being a jerk in sports, Snyder has some company. (Deadspin) And here’s a late entry – an Arena Football coach who keeps racist material and porn on his work computer. (WTSB)

2 HEARING FROM THE OTHER SIDE Some time ago, Ottawa Senators assistant coach Luke Richardson’s daughter committed suicide at the age of 14. He’s started an initiative to make sure no families – no teenagers and no parents – have to go through what his family’s going through right now. (Ottawa Citizen)

3 WHEN THE CAMEL SH*T HITS THE FAN You may as well ignore the Western broadcasters (with the exception of The Huffington Post, The Guardian and the BBC) if you want to find out what’s really going on in Egypt. Probably the best place is Al Jazeera.

4 AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE SUBJECT Cracked magazine, in the time between me being in junior high school and today, has reinvented itself from a poor man’s Mad magazine to a great current-affairs site. Here’s a list of things we think we know about Islam that aren’t true. (Cracked)

5 STEVE STEPS IN … AGAIN So the federal government is going to save us all from exorbitant internet fee gouging. Here’s an idea. Who appoints these chowderheads to these positions in the first place? The government, that’s who. If we can’t trust Stephen Harper to appoint the right people to look after the public interest at the CRTC in the first place … then we can’t trust Stephen Harper. (Globe and Mail)

6 AND THE NEXT WOMAN STEPHEN WHITWORTH WILL FANTAIZE ABOUT IS … not going to be Kristen Stewart. The role of Lois Lane is still to be cast. (If It’s Movies)

I’ve heard the studio version of Jason Collete’s Bitter Beauty over and over on CBC Radio Two the past few months. It’s a song that’s becoming my earwormn. Here’s why.