Regina’s Pile O’ Bones Roller Derby Club won’t start its season until after curling season is over. It’s not that there isn’t an appetite among team players to strap on the wheels during the winter. Or that they’re all busy playing in Ladies and Mixed curling leagues. Rather, it’s a function of the fact that the matches the club hosts are held at the Callie Curling Club. And as long as ice is in the building it can’t very well be used for roller derby.

That being said, winter is slowly winding down, so the Pile ‘O Bones Club will soon be jamming up a storm. To spark interest in the upcoming season the club is doing a presentation at the RPL Theatre Tuesday night at 7p.m. To pre-register call 777-6120.

In the musical realm, there’s a metal triple bill at the Club featuring We, The  Undersigned, Bloodstoned and Heal the Myth. Tickets are $5 at the door.