James Brotheridge has agreed to review this play for the blog so I won’t go into too much detail other than to note that it was written by Vern Thiessen, and was inspired by the actual contents of the Bard’s last will & testament.

TheĀ one-women play stars Seana McKenna as Shakespeare’s widow Anne Hathaway. Having returned home to Stratford on Avon after burying her husband, she reflects on their 34-year marriage.

Shakespeare’s Will runs on the Globe Theatre main stage from Feb. 23-March 13. For more information call 525-6400.

Also starting today is the annual Storyteller’s Festival presented by Saskewewak Artist’s Collective. Here’s a link to a schedule of events for the festival, which runs Feb. 23-27. The Festival is based at Artesian on 13th this year, and includes free noon-hour lunches and ticketed evening musical performances ($5 at the door) at the Artesian, along with some afternoon bus tours of inner city neighbourhoods hosted by artist Cheryl L’Hirondelle (pictured at right).

Thursday’s musical guest is Saskatoon hip hop artist Eekwol. Here’s a link to her video Too Sick.