NOTE TO BIBLE THUMPERS OF ALL FAITHS – THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE OF GOD AND MAN LOOKS LIKE About a month before the outbreak of street demonstrations that toppled Egyptian president-for-as-long-as-Israel-let-him Hosni Mubarak, Muslim terrorists detonated a bomb in Alexandria, killing several Christians. (Wannabepriest) So, my jaw dropped when I saw this picture and this video, taken Feb. 3, when the ‘jasmine revolution’ appeared to be at its shakiest: Cairo police were ready to go medieval on the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, just at the time for noonday prayers for those following the Muslim faith. Suddenly, and spontaneously, Christian demonstrators formed into a human shield, preventing police from attacking the worshippers. (Myweku, Daily Mail). We should also note that there were several reports of Muslim demonstrators who formed human shields in front of Christian churches in Cairo, attempting to prevent looting and attacks from police or Mubarak supporters, during the event.

THIS IS PRETTY LOW A CBS correspondent was sexually assaulted by pro-Mubarak forces (CBC News) during the Egyptian demonstrations. Of course, it was her fault. (Jezebel)

NEXT MONTH’S REPUBLICAN PARTY TALKING POINTS Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generator. Breaks the ice at naughty parties, as Monty Python used to say. (

THEN AGAIN … Bob Cecsa has a pretty good analysis about why Glenn Beck doesn’t like Google. (Bob Cecsa)

WE CAN ONLY HOPE that Chris Rock is right in his analysis of America’s political crisis. (Balloon Juice)

WHITHWORTH HAS HIT THE BIG TIME Though I fail to see where he loses style points to Andrew Coyne (Accidental Deliberations).

CANADA SUBMITS BID For the 2015 Women’s World Cup of Soccer — the biggest event in soccer that year. There’s one city that’s not part of the bid … you know, where they are building this big domed stadium that is supposed to put the city into the big leagues … that is supposed to attract big sporting events such as international soccer matches … anybody remember the name of that city? (CBC Sports)