1. LIBYA JOINS THE FUN. Protests for democratic rule keeps spreading from Egypt to other countries in the region. Whatever happens, it’s kind of fun to watch neoconservatives get sweaty and nervous about Islam, when only five years ago they would have been crowing in victory over these developments.

2. JUSTIN BIEBER IS PARTLY FACT, PARTLY FICTION, HE’S A WALKING CONTRADICTION. In the latest Rolling Stone, Bieber comes out on the side of the asses with his retrograde opinion on abortion. “It’s like killing a baby”. What about rape? “I think that everything happens for a reason”. On the other hand, he blasts the United States for their terrible health care system, and says that Canada’s health care is the best. You know, the one that provide abortions. In conclusion, teenagers should not talk to anyone that can hear them.

3. IT’S KIND OF HARD TO ARGUE WITH THEM, REALLY. Two women who witnessed the 2008 beheading of Tim McLean by Vince Li on a Winnipeg-bound Greyhound bus are suing Greyhound Bus, the RCMP, and perhaps even capricious Fortuna, on whose wheel they were strapped that day. They allege that Greyhound “failed to provide them with safe passage”. Maybe they could fine-tune their allegation to “failed to provide a comfortable and decapitation-free environment”.

4. HARPER BACKS ODA? I’d like to make light out of this, but I just went to the funny well, and there’s nothing in there but a few dead fish and a mournful looking child with the dead eyes of Stephen Harper. The Prime Minister is maintaining that Bev Oda had every right to make decisions as a minister. He didn’t really address the part where she altered a recommendation to the point of reversing it, and then lied about her actions. The public service makes recommendations to government. Government decides what to do with those recommendations, and that can cover everything from accepting the recommendation to ignoring it altogether. Generally, though, Ministers don’t alter recommendations to Cabinet and then cover it up. Just distinguishing between a functional and dysfunctional government here.