1 MUBARAK TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY BY GOING AWAY It’s a shame he didn’t announce this yesterday; now the guy looks like a weak, whiny, clingy little sissy-hosepail. Story here.

2 STATE OF THE STADIUM Murray Mandryk has a column in today’s Leader-Post that’s worth a read. Some fun province vs. feds stuff in there.

3 CRIME AND DUMBISHMENT Looks like a fight is brewing on Parliament over the federal Government’s Tough On Crime laws. How do I know? Becausde the globe and Mail’s headline is “Fight over cost of Tory crime bill sets up Commons confrontation”.

4 NO GAS TAX CHANGE TO BUILD ARENAS AND THE CONSERVATIVES ARE SCREWED ¬†Story here. I despise Harper’s Conservatives but on this one they’re caught in a classic Canadian political trap that could (and does) happen to every party trying to lead this country. The key to governing Canada, enshrined in tradition since the days of ¬†George-Etienne Cartier and John A. Macdonald, is ABQ: Always Bribe Quebec. Break the rule, lose the province. (You also lose Quebec every time they get really nationalistic.) Politically, Harper needs to find a way to help build Quebec’s arena. And politically, he can’t help Quebec build an arena. Solve this riddle and he’s set. Good luck.

BONUS NEWS 1: I can’t see how you’d have missed this since there’s two big posts on the blog (this being the important one) but the City has fired planning director Bob Bjerke without cause. We don’t know all the details and there could well be a legitimate reason for this but it looks really reeeally baaaaad.

BONUS NEWS 2: The dude who had a camera installed in the back of his head? He had it removed. Cybernetics fail!