Bang the DrumGreetings, Earthlings! Three songs again this week. Or rather, two songs and a video. Or rather, two songs and two videos. Or rather…who cares, it’s a bunch of music! Don’t say the Internet never gave you any music.

New Pornographers have a new video for the song “Moves” from last year’s album, Together. Directed by Tom Scharpling, the video features a who’s who of comedians like Wyatt Cenac, Todd Barry and John Hodgman. Sort of a New Pornographers of comedy, if you will.

The Barettas also have a video on the Youtube for their newest single. It’s called “Touche” and if you don’t dig on visuals with your music, you can stream or download the song below the vid. The Barettas promise to be to Hamilton what the Stooges were to Detroit. I don’t know much about Hamilton, except that it home to seminal Canadian indie label Sonic Unyon (along with label founders Tristan Psionic) and that it was the setting for probably the best superhero movie since Tim Burton left Gotham, Defendor. Now, I wonder why they call themselves the Barettas?

Dangerous Ponies are probably a hell of a lot of fun to see live. They’re from Philadelphia, which is one of several analogs of Hamilton in the USA (along with Pittsburgh and Baltimore), a city that people don’t usually think about unless they’re talking football or urban rot. Dangerous Ponies don’t sing about either.
mp3: “I Only Wear My Favorite Clothes at Home” by Dangerous Ponies

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