Just went to the downtown Liquor board store to pick up some beer for a thing. I wanted to buy some Paddock Wood beer from the Paddock Wood Brewing Co. I wanted to buy Paddock Wood beers for two reasons: 1.) it’s good effing beer. 2.) It’s Saskatchewan-brewed beer 3.) Paddock Wood is the only beer company advertising in our paper, despite the fact that our readership is 100 per cent beer-obsessed, so when it comes to buying beer, I’m going to support the only brewer that respects my readers and wants their business. Not that I’m bitter.

So naturally the downtown Liquor Board store doesn’t carry Paddock Wood. Which as I mentioned is a Saskatchewan-microbrewed beer that’s really good. And this is ridiculous. Downtown revitalization without Sask. microbrews is a joke. But whatever I guess, this is Saskatchewan, where Things Make No Goddamn Sense (TM). At least the staff were super friendly.

(Hey remember that time prairie dog got kicked out of all the Liquor Board stores after the Sask. Party got elected but it was just a coincidence? Yeah.)

So anyway, I bought imported Quebec beer instead. I’m sure it will be great. As for Paddock Wood, I’ll just have to pick up a case another day. Did I mention Paddock Wood makes great beer?