Do you guys remember Katie? Of course you do! Who could forget Katie and her mighty smiles that knock grumpy¬†bears over? No one, that’s who!

Katie, of course, is a past¬†prairie dog marketing intern who spends her days as as one of Atlantis’ top coffee engineers. And what’s that in this latte ninja’s bean-stained grip? Why, it’s the new prairie dog, which as I type this is being distributed all over Regina!

Look how excited Katie is! She knows this issue is a good one! Just consider some of the great features we’ve crammed into it:

BEST OF FOOD AGAIN!!! We don’t do the paper mail-in ballot anymore but we DO have a great big promo on page two of the latest puh-dog. Check the list of categories and start thinking about your favourites. Online voting begins March 1 and it will be soooo much fun! We have piles of new categories this year including Best Poutine, Best Restaurant That Tragically Closed and Best Anti-Hangover Breakfast (come to think of it, maybe that should just be Best Hangover Breakfast? Or would that mean that the breakfast causes hangovers? I don’t know, thinking these things up is harrrrrd!)!

CHRISTINE FELLOWS!!! She’s a fantastic piano-playing singer songwriter from Winnipeg who’s got a show here on March 4. Brotheridge does the interview which has a lot of stuff about Winnipeg’s historical St. Boniface neighbourhood and also, the bittersweet decline of a whole order of nuns! Nuns! It’s a good piece!

THE ANNUAL EQUITY REPORT!!! A delightful article on how everything just needs to be more fair. Read it, it’s good for you! (And also it’s interesting!)

GUINNESS!!! Pints guru Jason Foster peers into the dark and delightful world of stout beers, starting with the one that started it all. Contains bonus material from a certain editor who braved ridiculous temperatures to walk ONE WHOLE BLOCK from our office to a pub to take a picture of a pint of Guinness and them, um, bravely drink it!