If you’re a Blue Jays fan you have to like the deal that’s apparently been arranged to trade centre fielder Vernon Wells to the Los Angeles Angels. In return, the Jays get two quality players. They also free up the $86 million that Wells was due to receive in the last four years of a seven-year $126 million deal that he was signed to by former Blue Jay GM J.P Ricardi.

No knock against Wells. As a player, both on and off the field, he always conducted himself with class. But plain and simple, he wasn’t worth the money the Jays were obliged to pay him.

The Jays still face an uphill struggle to make the playoffs in the ultra tough American League East. But by shedding high-priced veterans and stocking up on younger, talented players with plenty of upside GM Alex Anthopoulos is at least giving the team a shot a winning. Yeah, the players will all have to fulfill their potential. But if they do, and some of them even manage to enjoy career years along the lines of what outfielder Jose Bautista (pictured) did in 2010 (54 home runs, 124 RBI), the next few seasons could be very interesting for Jays fans.