Some quick items to catch up on before I dash to City Hall for the budget meeting that’s on right now.

First: as Brotheridge wrote this a.m., the Sask. Party, after a week of ridicule and hostility, seems to have lost any remaining enthusiasm for enabling marriage commissioners in their bigotry.  A pricey sop to the party’s backwater bigot wing  but I imagine someone did a cynical political calculation and concluded this move would assuage the base elements of the party’s base without alienating mainstream support. (Here’s a question: every political party has its dipshit supporters. Who sucks more, the Sask Party’s dipshits or the NDP’s?)

Also, note how this is national news. And imagine what would’ve happened if the government persisted in putting the bigots before GLBT couples. Not the best image of our province to put forward.

Second: the pastor of a U.S. baptist Christian church led an attempt to put a ballot initiative before voters that would revoke same-sex marriage rights in the District of Columbia. The case has bounced through the courts but today the Supreme Court refused to hear it. Good. Score another one for GLBT rights in the U.S. It’s just a shame that some U.S. Christian congregations make their moral stand on GLBT civil rights when there are real problems out there.

Third and finally, unfortunately, such court rulings aren’t yet stopping creeps and thugs from bullying gay teens to suicide. Shit’s got to stop. On that note, if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a web campaign called the It Gets Better Project dedicated to offering hope for gay teens. It’s worth your fiscal support. If you need a bribe for that support, you can buy a T-shirt. These shirts can be worn by anyone, including fat, middle-aged, tragically heterosexual editors. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m going to wear it to the City Hall budget meeting I am now very late for. Adieu!