Apologies on getting to this so late. This is production week so all my scribbling energies went towards getting my copy in for the print issue. And, oh, what copy it was. Six questions about what’s up at city hall. Screwy stuff in the waste plan. Something on that Mosaic tax exemption. A veritable city-hall-o-mageddon I inflicted on Whitworth this issue. TWACH readers should love it. Or find it all remarkably familiar sounding.

Monday, January 10
MUNICIPAL HERITAGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (12:15 pm): Considering getting the committee a subscription to Worth, Saskatchewan’s architectural heritage magazine. The magazine is free but the catch is you have to become a member of the Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan which costs $20. Oh, that tricksy AHSS. Still, I know this will be a controversial position for me to take, but I think the committee should go for it and damn the consequences. Am I wrong?

Tuesday, January 11
FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE (4 pm): Considering setting up a Land Development Reserve. This would involve setting aside $2.5 million from the General Reserve Fund and that money (and any money added to the fund later) would be used to support the acquisition, sale and development of land. Seems a prudent measure still I find myself at odds with administration over one point: The report refers often to the possible acquisition of “large tracks of land.” I’m pretty sure that should be “tracts of land.” (Barb?)

Wednesday, January 12
REGINA PLANNING COMMISSION (4 pm): Considering an application to build a low-rise apartment building at 1747 and 1753 Montreal Street. The building would contain eight “pocket suites” which are basically which are basically smallish, self-contained bachelor suites. They’d be rented out at affordable rates to low-income individuals. According to the report, the pocket suite concept comes from an award-winning design out of Winnipeg and is intended as a “more humane alternative to rooming houses.” Also on the agenda, the Sikh Society of Regina is hoping to set up a parking lot at 620 Pasqua St to serve the Sikh Temple while, up in Coronation Park, Bubba’s Place is hoping to convert from a restaurant and lounge into a nightclub. And, finally, the committee will be considering an application to get to work on Skyview Subdivision Phase II which is to be built on some unserviced land waaaaaayyyyyy out on the city’s northwestern extreme. This subdivision encompasses the new Eagles Road and Eagles Cove. Um. Is it even possible for there to be “coves” on the prairie? Just asking.

Thursday, January 13
ARTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE (5:30 pm): Considering their 2010 work plan.

That’s it for this week. For full reports and agendas check out the city’s own little cyber-cove.