1 YASSUH, YASSUH, MR. WHITWORTH I know I’m supposed to get an interview with Lanny McDonald for this issue … and given what’s happened to Sidney Crosby (Google) here’s what everybody in hockey is or at least should be talking about. (Toronto Star)

2 NOW HE GOES FOR THE CHEECH AND CHONG STRATEGY Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was a willing participant in the U.S.’s war on drugs. Now that the war has turned his country into a battlefield, he wants the Americans to stop turning his country into a battlefield. (Time)

3 YOU’D THINK IT WAS RUNNING LIKE IT WAS BEING RUN BY THAT HARPER Things don’t seem to be going too well at Harpers’ Magazine. No, we don’t mean the National Post. (New York magazine).

4 ROTTEN APPLES Steve Jobs is going to make it that much harder for someone else to fix your iPhone. (BoingBoing)

5 THIS SHOULD MAKE US ALL SIKH During the debate over the coalition proposal, there were a lot of people such as our own Carle Steele and Margaret Atwood who applauded the Bloc Quebeciois sensibility towards the use of the arts to define a national culture. Something tells me they’re not going to like what the Blocheads are proposing now in the name of preserving their culture. (Globe and Mail)

6 WELCOME TO THE DEBATE The Globe and Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson is going (or probably has, by the time you read this) to talk about the politics of the F-35 deal. (Globe and Mail) If you need a refresher course on it, look at what this magazine had to say. (prairie dog).