1 THE WATER SITUATION As I’m typing this the City is still working on a problem at the Buffalo Pound water treatment plant that led to yesterday’s call to cut back on water use. According to last night’s update, Reginans only reduced their water consumption by 18 per cent rather than the 50 per cent the City was hoping for. BAD REGINANS! Here’s the Leader-Post’s Friday morning coverage. Sounds promising.

2 EXPLOSION IN THE ALBERTA TARSANDS Four people were injured when the thing blew up. According to the CBC report, the thing was totally burning. Something about a “coker structure”. The blast happened near the Fort McKay first nation in northern Alberta. CBC has coherence.

3 CANADA’S NEW ENVIRONMENT MINISTER TALKS LIKE A JACKASS Peter Kent borrows a page from Ezra Levant and calls the tarsands “ethical”. No, no they are not. “Ethical” would be massive, massive investment in alternative energy technology: wind, solar, tidal, geothermal. Building standards leveraging economies of scale should be in place to make Canadian homes energy self-sufficient, or close to it.¬†We should’ve been pouring humongous public resources into this for the last 40 years and maybe we’d be off the petroleum now. But no, it’s all about easy money and easy energy. Some “conservatives”.

4 GOVERNMENT BREAKS WEBSITE RULES The website for Canada’s 2009 economic action plan broke design rules that are in place to make sure government online communications don’t look like political web pages — but the Tories did it anyway. Not! Appropriate! No political party is bigger than the government.

5 I WANT THIS EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRIC CAR PROTOTYPE THAT’S SLOWER THAN A BIKE Gimme! BoingBoing has the pic from the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show.

6 REPUBLICAN COCKS AIM TO BLOCK CLIMATE ACTION Evil bastards. Diabolical fuckers.

And finally because this post was crabby here’s a great video that’s been making the Facebook rounds. Wow. That is some freaky talent and a lot of practice.