1 MOSCOW AIRPORT EXPLOSION At least 31 people are dead and more than a hundred are wounded at Domodedovo airport. Terrorism is being blamed. Story is currently unfolding.

2 FIVE YEARS OF STEPHEN HARPER Oh, it’s been so much fun.

3 PRIVATE SECTOR PLEDGES RELATIVELY PUNY PERCENTAGE OF PROPOSED ARENA’S COSTS They want a mostly publically-funded $400 million arena in Quebec. Quebecor pledges “tens of millions” of dollars in support. Behold the copious whooping.

4 YOU JUST CAN’T KILL A CONVICTED CRIMINAL THESE DAYS The only U.S. company making the lethal injection drug is taking itself out of the business.

5 MANITOBA BRACES FOR FLOODPOCALYPSE Saturated soil, record snowfall equals uh-oh.

6 GET TO THE GYM, BLUBBERBUTTS! Canada’s fitness guidelines are being updated to demand more of us lazy bums. On the topic of fitness, legendary guru Jack LaLanne died yesterday at age 96.

BONUS! FOOTBALL RESULTS Packers beat Bears. Steelers beat Jets. Of course, if you care, you already know. But did you see… this? Awww. Love! (Via The Stranger)