1 GAY MARRIAGE BROUHAHA UNFINISHED As mentioned by Whitworth yesterday, marriage commissioners in Saskatchewan no longer have a choice when it comes to gay marriage. Well, they do have a choice, as commissioner Larry Bjerland has pointed out: he can stay, refuse, and they can fire him. Fine by me. The government is still not talking about appealing the decision, though they are now talking about trying to accommodate the commissioners’ beliefs in some way.

2 SCARY AND SWEET A Saskatoon couple were united in court as the wife explained why her husband fired a rifle at her.

3 DEFENDING A LEAKER Julian Assange’s lawyers have released his skeleton defence. Big news: he thinks they’d send him to Guantanamo Bay.

4 NO MORE DRONES Once the Canadian military is out of Afghanistan, there’ll be no more spy plane program. These things never had weapons or anything, but I’ll still put this under “Stepping Away From A Terrifying Skynet Future”.

5 SOMEONE DOESN’T GET IT The chair of Halton Catholic District School Board, who recently made comments comparing gay-alliance groups with Nazi groups, doesn’t quite get why that statement was inappropriate.

6 CONTINUED FALLOUT FROM ARIZONA SHOOTINGS Sarah Palin, despite criticism, won’t stop doing her Internetting. Talk show hosts down there continue to suck.

BONUS B.C. courts hear that our polygamous marriage hangups aren’t just a Christian thing; a Mountie in Kelowna kicks a dude square in the head; the lede to a Leader-Post article inadvertently suggests a local athlete is pulling some High School Musical-style hijinx; Canada came last out of five for freedom of information; and a picture of a skull made out of McDonald’s fries.