1 IN OTHER NEWS, DON CHERRY’S EGO HAS EXPLODED Yeah. Lunch bucket Canadians versus whiny gutless Russians. Hey, which team gassed a 3-0 lead … and which team came back to win with 20 minutes to go? (Toronto Star) Oh yeah. TSN/Bell Globemedia was doing its customary Stephen Harper Is Captain Canada shtick … so why did TSN shut the cameras off at 24 Sussex Drive when the Canadian team tanked? Didn’t want to show Harper breaking the furniture? Beating his wife? Throwing a gin bottle through the TV set? Enquiring minds want to know … (Scott’s DiaTribes). UPDATE: according to Deadspin, these guys got to get better at drinking. Boris Yeltsin has given them a lot to live up to. (WGRZ)

2 TAKING THE WORD OF GOD THAT SERIOUSLY If you hate gays because the Bible says it’s all right, cursed be surf and turf nights, warns a U.S. Army Master Sergeant. (Stars and Stripes)

3 EVER NOTICE That the people Stephen Harper hires to work in his government are screaming incompetent rageaholics? Hmmmm …. (Dawg’s Blog)

4 EVERYBODY’S A CRITIC I don’t know what’s more bizarre: that someone who doesn’t like Billy Bragg would go to this extent to make his life miserable, or that the protest singer now lives in a Dorset mansion. (Daily Mail)

5 YEAH, THAT TOO The Louis Riel Trail blog talks about how the next Saskatchewan election should play out, and takes a swipe at Murray Mandryk of the Leader-Post. Hey, here’s something. Why not have a political party that’s designed to appeal to the people who don’t vote? Fully one third of Saskatchewan’s electorate stayed home during the last election. Wouldn’t trying to get some of that vote help tilt an election somewhere? Getting that vote did wonders for some guy named Obama in 2008.

6 AND THEY STILL COULDN’T GET IT RIGHT There’s a couple of YouTube clips purporting to show the 200 greatest insults in movie history. The list is subjective and bogus, especially since the person compiling the clips probably has never seen the epic white-trash movie (a documentary of Saskatchewan life, even if it was made in Calgary), FUBAR.