For the past week or so Aria Boutique (1835 Scarth) has been running an uncut version of the video Jeannie Mah intended to present in Cinema <=> Life <=> Cinema at the Dunlop Art Gallery in its front window. This display was conceived by Aria owner Tammy Beltrami as a way to express support for the principle of artistic freedom in Regina.

To celebrate what Beltrami describes as a “very mesmerizing and beautiful piece of work” the boutique is hosting a reception called Censorship & Style today from 5-7 p.m. If you’re an opponent of the former and a fan of the latter, consider dropping by.

Later tonight (8:30 p.m., to be precise), Combat Improv is on at the Exchange. Admission is $5, and performers are donating the proceeds from tonight’s show to Creative City Centre who are working to convert the upper floors of the Loggie’s Shoes building on 18-block Hamilton into an arts hub. During intermission CCC head Marian Donnelly will give a short presentation on progress to date.