…it’s Henry Cavill. Yesterday, Warner Brothers announced that Tudors actor Cavill will be heir to Brandon Routh’s cape in the next Superman movie. Did they make a good choice? Well, Whitworth’s criteria for Superman is that he has to be smart, dryly funny and kind and good-looking in a Supermanny way. Here’s Calvillo:

All right, tentative thumbs-up from these quarters. Hopefully Warners won’t screw with the classic costume like the Green Lantern movie is doing, though I have little trust for studio people. Superman Returns has a lot of faults but it did basically get Supes right and that’s what we need. If he starts fighting crime in black fetish leather or the actor is given a CGI body*, well… we’ve got trouble. Get the characters right and give us a good, smart, fun, rollicking adventure about a friendly, loveable outer space hero and we’ll be happy. This isn’t rocket science.

Also, because this is the internet in 2011, here’s a link to a bunch of Henry Cavill sex scenes from the Tudors. Obviously not safe for work. It’s sex scenes, people! Bums and boobies! Yeah, you complain, and then you send the link to your mom.

*Actually, I’ve read this is the plan. Ridiculous! Just get your actor to the gym for four hours a day. Sheesh.