I’m blogging from the main hall of the Infrastructure Summit. I’m out in the field. Jacking in to the ‘net. Ten years ago, I’d have looked at Future Paul and thought, golly, he’s so hi tech.

Here in 2011, I can’t help but feel like a hopelessly antiquated geriatric case. See, I don’t have a cell phone and I barely comprehend the vagaries of Facebook, let alone Twitter. Everywhere I go at this thing I’m surrounded by people with their mobiles out, social networking up a storm. Have you seen the TwitChat feed for this event (hashtag NIS)? It’s relentless.

Hell, even 89-year-old Mayor McCallion of Mississauga has an iPhone.

It’s time I get thrown on the scrap heap. (At least, based on what I heard at the innovation workshop, I’m pretty sure I could be recycled and the municipality could earn a brief revenue off me.)