I’m going to assume that there’s a mask to go with this costume. Or maybe a pork pie hat in Spidey red and blue! I think it would put a nice spin on Spiderman if he wore a pork pie hat. And sock gators.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the logo on his chest, which seems to depict a spider in the throes of interpretive dance. I’ve read speculation that the logo is distorted by scratches, but I can’t quite see it. Other than the questionable logo, I like it. The textured look will show up well on film and make the character look a little less cartoonish, which is a hard shot when you’re dressed up in red and blue underwear. It may be an indication that director Marc Webb and crew are going for a more realistic look than Sam Raimi’s candy-coloured approach.

With any luck, Peter Parker won’t be strutting down the street with a popped collar.

The hatless man in question is Andrew Garfield, a rail-thin British actor best known for portraying Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. If you’re a genuine film nerd, you’ll also know him from Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go and the fantastic Red Riding Trilogy, a story of police corruption and murder in mid-’70s Yorkshire. Based on what I’ve seen, I think Garfield has just the right mix of vulnerability and determination to pull off a post-Maguire Spiderman.

If you look very closely at his wrists (and who wouldn’t? Wrists are sexx-ay) you’ll see that the new Spiderman sports artificial web shooters. This is a departure from Sam Raimi’s films, in which Peter Parker developed the ability to shoot grotesque globs of sticky white stuff from his body. Which I guess would be the first time that a spider bite has brought on puberty.