Well well. Just got a press release from one Charles McVety, a controversial evangelical who’s known for his condemnation of same-sex marriage, tax incentives for the film industry, the theory of evolution, reproductive freedom, anything he doesn’t like that you do because his opinion is better than yours, and etcetera. McVety had a show called Word TV that ran afoul of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (which you may recall from the recent “Money For Nothing” ban) for getting facts wrong and being generally shitty to gay people.

Last fall, the CBSC ordered McVety’s host network,Christian broadcaster CTS (Crossroads Television Network), to air a statement saying that Word TV violated the CBSC’s ethics code.

Now, Word TV is apparently off the air for good. And McVety’s mad. From the press release:

In December, the CRTC, through their Canadian Broadcast Standards Council began to censor Charles McVety and his television broadcast Word TV for unapproved political speech. Fearing the heavy hand of the CRTC the new corporate leadership at CTS bowed to the censors, rejected three subsequent Word TV programs for frivolous reasons and then publically announced that CTS will no longer air the program.

Dr. McVety says “I don’t know how they want me to talk. I thought I lived in a free democratic country and that political censorship was reserved for totalitarian regimes. The first thing a dictator like Hugo Chavez does is silence voices of opposition. Iran, Cuba, North Korea and other despotic regimes all move swiftly to suppress voices of dissent. Canada criticizes China heavily for human rights violations of denying free speech while Canada practices heavy handed political censorship. I am not suggesting Canada is moving toward fascism, but toward total control of the education of our children. No country on earth confuses its children as young as eight-years-old with “gender identity” teaching.”

For years this Orwellian Council has attacked other Christian leaders such as James Dobson, John Hagee, Jack Van Impe, James Robison and many more however this is the first time their acts of censorship have forced a Canadian Christian leader from the air.

Well, colour me don’t-give-a-shit. McVety says things that are stupid, wrong and nasty and his terrible ideas would make Canada a worse place. He lost his show because he says things that aren’t true and were judged hateful. Now he’s crying censorship? Boo effing hoo. This is the guy who sicc’d the Harper government after Canada’s film industry’s tax credits (not that they needed the encouragement) in an attempt to impose his values on artists–and it almost worked. Check out this interview on The Hour.

So yeah. Hell with ‘im. What’s McVety a doctor of, anyway? I’m going to say “cock”.

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that it might be libelous to frivolously call someone a “doctor of cock” so I withdraw the comment. Besides it isn’t very fair to cocks and the people who like them.