From the Leader-Post:

The court, in a unanimous decision released Monday, said both of the proposed laws — allowing an exemption for all marriage commissioners or just for those who were commissioners at the time gay marriage was legalized in 2004 — would be unconstitutional. If enacted, such a law would violate the equality rights of gay and lesbian individuals and would not be a reasonable and justifiable breach of those rights, the court said.

Five judges of the province’s top court have been mulling over the constitutional question since May. Two days were spent hearing legal arguments examining the religious rights of marriage commissioners and the equality rights of same-sex couples.

Well, there’s one less thing wrong with the world today. I would’ve been surprised if the Saskatchewan Court Of Appeal had made any other decision but then again life is full of surprises. In any case: the bottom line is that if you don’t find a particular line of work ethical, get out of that line of work. Makes sense to me.