Worried you’re not who you are? Afraid all the signs have changed? Well, it’s probably all right. From Rob Brezsny, author of the syndicated column Free Will Astrology:

Western astrologers don’t work with stars or constellations. Their focus is our solar system. They study the patterns of the planets and the moon as they pass through 12 zones defined by the relationship between the Earth and sun. Those zones have the same names as constellations because of a historical quirk, but they are unrelated to the constellations. When Parke Kunkle triumphantly says, “There is no physical connection between constellations and personality traits,” as if he has finally stamped out the delusions of us astrologers, he doesn’t realize that we agree with him completely. We don’t deal with constellations.

So there you go. If you were a Capricorn last year (which is what you are if you were born on today’s date) you are still a Capricorn now.

(And also: you realize that astrology is something you follow for fun, right? The position of planets doesn’t determine your personality. Astrological systems can encourage imaginative and intuitive thinking and there is insight to be had in that but there can be madness too. Maaadness! So don’t go overboard.)