“I’m not sure I handled it well.”

That might be true. Marc Maron opens his most recent episode of the WTF podcast with an explanation of how he thinks the interview went so wrong. The context matters, because he had the stranger honour of having had Gallagher walk out on him in an interview. As he says in his preamble to the tape:

Gallagher wanted to come on the show. I’m not sure he wanted to come on the show, but his manager contacted my manager, he lives here, he was in town doing an event, and his manager wanted him to do a guest spot on my show, which I decided against. I didn’t see how that would be good for anybody. I don’t know him. I don’t have any experience with him. I don’t know what he’s doing now.

But Gallagher did come on his show, and Maron was generous, overall. Gallagher, a once-renowned prop comic, now feels free to unleash racist jokes and crazy diatribes on anyone who’ll listen, whether in an interview, like this one with the A.V. Club, or onstage, as chronicled by the Stranger‘s Lindy West.

So it is on Maron’s podcast. He often works best when he can build up a rapport with the comedian, using the back-and-forth to get at his subject’s approach to comedy. (Example: see his second last episode, featuring Patton Oswalt.) Gallagher is obviously far too defensive for this, after taking a lot of hits on the Internet for just how crazy he’s become.

And now, there’s an audio document of that craziness. Enjoy.