Matt LeBlanc is staring in Episodes, a Showtime comedy about a couple of Brits who try to recreate their U.K. T.V. hit over in the States but get boned by their network when they’re stuck with your typical, egotistical Hollywood star as a lead. For that role, LeBlanc is playing himself, or rather, a version of himself. If you go to Showtime’s website, there’s a video where a super-sedate LeBlanc explains the whole thing, with only the slightly dash of self-awareness.

He says: “I think this version of is people’s perception of celebrity. I think that’s the best way to describe it. It’s not me; it’s not a documentary. It’s a half-hour comedy. Certain things are inflated,” going on to say that the show’s version of LeBlanc has a private plane. I definitely didn’t think all his sweet Joey money could garner him that kind of luxury.

Matthew Perry is starting a new show on ABC. Mr. Sunshine is a single-camera sitcom about the manager of a sports arena who’s going through a midlife crisis. Just in case Men of a Certain Age wasn’t giving you enough of this, I suppose.

Both of those shows are premiering in January. Courtney Cox’s latest show, Cougar Town, continues to be a show that I should probably check out, a fact bolstered by its inclusion at number ten in the A.V. Club’s 25 best T.V. shows of the year.