Not much time for a full-blown cocktail blog this week as, on Tuesday at 11:30 am, my wife gave birth to our second kid. He’s a boy; 8lbs 5oz. And, as we’ve been threatening family and friends, we named him after one of my favourite mystery writers. You’ll just have to guess which.

In lieu of a round of cigars, here’s a sparkly tipple based on the Champagne Cocktail to celebrate….

It’s A Boy Cocktail
1/4 oz  blue curaçao
2 dashes orange bitters
4 oz iced champagne
orange peel
Swirl curaçao and bitters in a prechilled champange glass. Add champagne. The effervescence of the champagne should be sufficient to mix the ingredients. Twist orange peel above drink and drop into glass.

A big thanks from me and my family go out to all the people who made the whole birthing experience pretty damn pleasant. All of the doctors, nurses, and admin staff we encountered were friendly, supportive and highly competent. And, the new maternity wing at the General Hospital is fantastic. Very comfortable and worth every penny the province and other donors have spent on it.

Actually, I can’t stress enough how above-and-beyond the care was we received. Our first child was born in Ontario and we thought things were pretty sweet there. The birthing experience here in Regina was far more civilized and even my wife, who had to endure all the contractions and the pushing and the what-have-you, says it was about as enjoyable as such a thing could be.

I’ve heard all these tales about our medical system being in hopeless disrepair. We saw zero evidence of that this week.

See you in seven. I’m going to sneak in a nap.