1 R.I.P. ARTHUR DIETRICH I should have mentioned this last week …. Steve Landesberg, who played Detective Arthur Dietrich in one of the greatest sit-coms in television history, Barney Miller passed away Dec. 21. (CBC) He was the author of one of the best lines in the history of comedy … “Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense.”

2 FINALLY Good news: Regina’s finally going to get a curbside recycling system. Bad news: why is it costing once-and-a-half what I pay for a private recycling company? (Leader-Post)

3 IMAGINE WHAT HE WANTS TO DO TO BRETT FARVE Conbot columnist Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should have been executed. He said that on Fox News Network. Meanwhile Fox will broadcast the next Eagles game … (Globe and Mail)

4 WHAT WILL PAUL SIMON SING ABOUT NOW? The last roll of Kodachrome was produced (New York Times via CathieFromCanada)

5 WELL, IT IS THE FESTIVE SEASON IN AUSTRALIA AS WELL If this woman’s blood-alcohol content were any higher she’d be her own anti-freeze. (news.com.au)

6 A GOOD WAY TO FINISH THE YEAR The stars of The Boondock Saints sequel, A Twilight poster, and the photo of the year (Unreality Magazine)

Anyway, this is a good as time and place as any to wish prairie dog readers, writers and other assorted hangers on all the best in the upcoming new year.