1 FIRST NATIONS WON’T RELEASE CHILD CARE INFORMATION Is it a legitimate jurisdictional concern or good old-fashioned butt-covering? Also, it sounds like the Social Services Ministry is falling down on the job in general. Hooray! ¬†Story here.

2 REGINA TRANSIT DIRECTOR FIRED That’s what “surprising termination” means, doesn’t it? Hmm.

3 Q & A WITH JULIAN ASSANGE The best newspaper in the world puts reader questions to the man behind Wikileaks. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to censor Wikileaks because that’s what companies in the book-selling business do, I guess.

4 U.S. WANTS TO BOOT WOLVES AND GRIZZLY BEARS OFF ITS ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST BECAUSE RANCHERS AND SPORTS HUNTERS ARE ALL LIKE, “BOO HOO” Also from the Guardian. Here’s a thought: why don’t we just shoot, poison, eat and destroy everything on the planet and get it over with?

5 MAYBE IT’S TIME TO NOT HAVE AN ARMY The Congo’s military is full of criminals and murderers. Who knew.

6 CONGRATULATIONS SASKATCHEWAN CITIZENS, YOU’RE STILL WORTH WAY MORE THAN ANYONE IN TORONTO Everyone abandons a bill to bring fairer representation to Canadians.

BONUS! TWO YEARS AGO TODAY… The very first Dog Blog post ever! Guess which political leader it picks on. Here’s a quote:

Not only does he have zero charm, he’s also spectacularly inept as a politician. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, I suppose, given his dictatorial bent. Parliamentary politics, especially in a minority context, requires consultation and collaboration. [Xxxxxx], conversely, oozes contempt and arrogance.

In other prairie dog Internet news, we’ll have our 100,000th ¬†website visitor sometime today! We launched prairiedogmag.com on February 25. We’ll also have our 250,000 page view sometime next week. Thanks everyone for your support! We’re having fun here.