1 NEW GOVERNMENT FOR IRAQ Following nine months of uncertainty, Iraq’s parliament has finally approved a new government. Here was the scene in Iraq. (Not really.)

2 MOVEMENT ON NET NEUTRALITY EXPECTED TODAY Despite their conflicted feelings on Wikileaks, America still wants their Internet to be free of obstructions.

3 PENSION PROBLEMS Who’s dicking around with the Canadian Pension Plan? Where to start? For a great overview of the situation, check out Whitworth’s post on the matter.

4 UN BATTLEs OVER GAY RIGHTS “Even if those countries do not support gay rights, you would think they would support our right not to be killed.” How sad is it that that still has to be mentioned? With any luck, the United Nations will make all this explicit, to at least provide a bit of resistance to all of Uganda’s insanity.

5 MORE AND MORE Both the water rate and the property tax might be going up in Regina.

6 HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE Richie Hall is waiting for a call about being the Riders new head coach. Still plenty of candidates out there, though. In other football news, former CFL commissioner Larry Smith was appointed to the Canadian Senate. Given enough time, the CFL will surely insinuate itself into every political office in the country.

BONUS Alberta promises “world-class” monitoring of the oil sands; a terrifying murderer likes alliteration; Headline of the Day is “James Van Der Beek named baby after tree”; and the Puppy of the Day is Scout.

And apologies to Dechene for this last one:

Thanks to Mason for the video.